2015 Steering Committee

ECOWAS is committed to the inclusion of the problem of children on the move on it agenda!
The 11th session of the Steering Committee meeting (COPIL), of the West Africa Network for the Protection of Children (WAN) was held from 8 to 10 December, 2015, at the headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Abuja, Nigeria.
The meeting brought together national directors of child protection as well as national coordinators of WAN from the 15 ECOWAS countries of West Africa including Mauritania, the African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY), technical and financial partners (International Social Service West Africa and Switzerland), and the commission for child protection of ECOWAS
The participants evaluated the ten years existence of WAN, identified best practices and achievements of this mechanism; an exercise that allowed the ECOWAS Commission to better understand the operation of this innovative mechanism
This led the Child Protection Committee of ECOWAS to commit to:Ø Include the problem of children and young migrants in the agenda of the commissionØ Consider the problem of children and youth migrants and develop specific strategies to fight against and to ensure the protection of those children and youthØ To explore opportunities for technical and financial assistance to support the WAN and civil society working in this fieldThese commitments from ECOWAS serve at the same time as the recognition of WAN mechanism as an effective and efficient program for the protection and care of children in transnational movement. The regional standards that constitute the reference tool of WAN, adopted by the member states will also be integrated to the evaluation & monitoring child protection framework of the ECOWAS commissionThis recognition and commitment of ECOWAS is a challenge for WAN and it partners to continue in the same vein and especially to try and do better, especially since WAN steering committee has now become an annual monitoring framework for ECOWAS to follow up on progress and advancement of the care of children in transnational mobilityThis recognition of ECOWAS crowns 10 years of efforts of WAN national partners such as coordinations, directions of child protection, regional partners like the Regional Child Protection Group in Dakar, the International Social Service (West Africa and Switzerland) who initiated this project and their partners, but above all, it is a big step in the care of children in transnational movement, through joint regional and national policies that will also be developed in the near future

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