A new phase for WAN

The supreme organ of the West Africa Network for the Protection of Children, WAN is the Steering Committee meeting (Copil). This meeting brings together the ECOWAS Committee of Social Affairs and Gender, the national directors of child protection and the national civil society partners. It gives the strategic orientations of the Network and evaluates their implementation; Since 2016, the states have been conducting, during this annual meeting, a peer evaluation of the management of the issue of children on the move and young migrants in the 16 member countries

Beside this body, the co-coordinators meet once a year to evaluate and monitor the implementation of Copil’s decisions, their performance and assess the collaboration between them and with their technical partners as ISS-WA and ISS Switzerland

After almost fifteen (15) years of existence, its recognition by ECOWAS in 2015 as a viable mechanism for the protection and transnational support of children, the Network enters into a new phase in 2017 which leads to an evolution and a Strengthening of the different roles and responsibilities of the actors

  • At the operational level, the partnership in the countries will be extended to several actors of the civil society and the state. For example, national focal points are designated for active and technical participation in the management of the issue of children in mobility and young migrants. The African Movement of Working Children and Youth (AMWCY) will also play a greater role in the care of children in mobility and young migrants at national and regional level, as well as other national organizations for the protection of children’s rights, for maximum coverage of each country. In addition the Network also opens to the Maghreb which is currently one of the largest routes of mobility and migration to other destinations
  • Strategically, ECOWAS has taken a clearer role and is now the guarantor of the Network, which is recognized as its reference network. The standards for childcare developed by the network are now the “ECOWAS Support Procedures and Standards for the Protection and Reintegration of Vulnerable Children on the Move and Young Migrants” , officially launched by the regional institution in November 2016 during the Copil of Abidjan. In addition, an agreement was signed with ISS-WA and SSI-Switzerland for the management of the WAN through joint action plan
  • At the governance level, ISS-WA will now take on more responsibilities in financial management as well as in the various other aspects related to monitoring and evaluation and technical support of the Network

These improvements aimed to strengthen the quality of care provided to children and young migrants, but also and above all, to the solidification of the strategic and technical anchoring and the perpetuation of the Network

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