Results of WAN

In thirteen (15) years of existence, 2002-2017, WAN has managed to forge an unprecedented alliance with 17 NGOs partner, 16 National Directions of child protection in the 16 west Africa countries. WAN supported more than 7 000 children and implemented community projects in six countries

  • Sur la base des preuves de son efficacité et de sa pertinence dans la prise en charge transfrontalière des enfants en mobilité et jeunes migrants, la CEDEAO a reconnu le RAO comme mécanisme viable de protection et de prise en charge transnationale des enfants. Based on evidence of its effectiveness and relevance in the transnational support of children on the move and young migrants, ECOWAS has recognized WAN as a viable mechanism for the protection and transnational support of children
  • Moreover, the standards developed by WAN and validated by the member states have been adopted by ECOWAS and are now the “ECOWAS Support Procedures and Standards for the Protection and Reintegration of Vulnerable Children on the Move and Young Migrants”, officially launched at the Copil meeting of Cote d’Ivoire in November 2016 by the Commissioner for Social Affairs and Gender of ECOWAS, Dr Fatimata Dia Sow